New Features This Week: Object Storage Engine and Social Media Preview Images

Two new features are landing in Legendary today after a few weeks of work: Object Storage Engine and Social Media Preview Images.

Object Storage Engine

Object Storage engine is an S3-lite API built right into your application. It provides a persistent mechanism for retaining file uploads across reboots and upgrades. We integrate it out-of-the-box with Waffle and ExAws so that you can start writing persistent Waffle uploaders without needing to configure an S3 bucket or similar. Then later if you find that your scale or requirements require S3, you just need to swap couple of configuration values and migrate your files. This is part of our larger philosophy of making sure you can build production-ready Phoenix apps with the absolute minimum time investment into manual provisioning.

Social Media Preview Images

Social Media Preview Images are our first feature that leverages Object Storage Engine. Now, when you write a post using our Content Engine, we’ll automatically generate a preview image and save it to Object Storage. Then, when people share your post of social media, your post will get an engaging image plus text card, instead of the bland default card. We make use of Fabric.js to build these images right in your browser, eliminating the need for heavier dependencies like ImageMagick.

Here’s an example: