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A Batteries-included Phoenix & Elixir Application Template.

Legendary makes it easy to quickly build PETAL-stack Phoenix / Elixir applications with all the bells and whistles.

Don't re-invent the wheel— build something Legendary.

Batteries Included

We include authentication, content management, administration, fluid email templates, Tailwind styles, AlpineJS, and LiveView so that you can build your app as quickly and easily as possible.


Legendary is built on Phoenix and Elixir, by people with years of experience running Phoenix and Elixir in production. That means it can scale to handle any volume you throw at it.

Built for Developer Happiness

We built Legendary so that you can focus on building cool things with Phoenix. We don't think you should have to write yet another auth framework or admin interface to do that.

Out-of-the-Box Features


Look, you don't want to build yet another auth system. You want to build an application. Authentication is a solved problem. With Legendary you don't need to reinvent the wheel.

Content Management

Legendary comes with a simple content management system for building custom pages and blog posts. Don't get stuck building simple content pages when your development talent is better spent elsewhere.

Admin Interface & Dashboard

There are plenty of tasks that don't require custom code. Legendary integrates the Kaffy admin dashboard so that you can focus on what is unique to your application instead of churning out CRUD or editing database rows by hand.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is a rad CSS framework that gives you the building blocks you need to implement any design, without fighting a super-opinionated CSS framework.

Battle-tested Fluid Email Templates

HTML email is hard. But it's also a solved problem. We include an HTML email template and toolkit that has been tested across all the major email clients from mobile to desktop. You probably didn't get into this to code yet another email template. So don't. Use ours.

Full DevOps Stack

Legendary includes a full set of CI / CD scripts so you can immediately test and deploy your app as a semantically-versioned Docker container. We also provide all the configuration that you need to deploy your app to Kubernetes.

And More.

A lot more. Like Background jobs, localization / internationalization, great out-of-the-box forms, list views, and detail pages.

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